• Slumber Travel Candle
  • Slumber Travel Candle
  • Slumber Travel Candle
  • Slumber Travel Candle

Bedroom Bliss

Slumber Travel Candle




Quiet time. Your own time.

A time to heal, gather strength and sometimes, escape.

A restorative ritual.

It can come so easily. Other times it cruelly eludes us.

Slumber No. 2 Travel Candle for Bliss & Co was lovingly created to evoke a sense of calmess, balance and peacefulness. Feelings that invite and embrace slumber. The warm, floral scent of Black Amber has been paired with French Lavender to present you with a fresh, but warm combination. Lavender has been celebrated for centuries as it promote calmness and wellness. It's also said to help reduce stress, anxiety,

Think; Fresh linen. Downy doonas. Heavy eyelids.

Burns upto 25 hours.

Soy Wax

Hand poured literally 'up the road' by Willowvale Candles for our little store, Bliss & Co.

Images taken by the lovely Ainslie @ ains.lie.co

We hope you enjoy our humble salute to 'slumber'.

Leigh & Bonnie xx

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