• Pink Saphire Candle
  • Pink Saphire Candle
  • Pink Saphire Candle

Mrs Darcy

Pink Saphire Candle

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Mrs Darcy's dreamiest scent ever has just arrived; literally, heaven scent. Perfectly crisp yet soft and uplifting, like sunlight hitting the morning dew. Gorgeously fresh, undeniably bright and uplifting whilst incredibly timeless.

Pink Sapphire stops you in your tracks, giving feelings of instant happiness and new beginnings. We live in a fast world, this scent is like sunshine gleaming through the morning clouds, inspiring and giving hope.

Welcome, Pink Sapphire.
  • Lemon, lime and bergamot for a purity and freshness.
  • Green petals for crispness with notes of jasmin, freesia, and rose for elegance.
  • Vanilla and musk for a sophisticated finish
Soy wax candle, cotton wicks.

Discover the magic of the Crystal Collection: inspired by the beauty of precious stones and crystals. These candles are for lovers of both impeccable scents and distinct glassware.

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