• Love is a Mutt

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Love is a Mutt



Life is better with a mutt This collection of adorable photos of mongrels, mutts and crossbreeds will have you head-over-paws in love The dogs within these pages may be a mix of breeds, but they re pure of heart. Some are fluffy. Some are scruffy. Some are wire-haired. Some have velveteen fur or shiny locks. Whatever they look like, big or small, they re almost definitely lovable, mischievous and full of joy. This little book is a celebration of crossbreeds and mutts the world over. What mongrels lack in pedigree they more than make up for in cuteness, loyalty and love. Whether you ve got one, want one or just think they re super-cute, these adorable pups are here to win your heart. Love is a Mutt will prove that home is where your pup is, and that it s not just any old dog who deserves to be your best friend it s a mongrel.

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