• Cleanse Travel Candle
  • Cleanse Travel Candle
  • Cleanse Travel Candle
  • Cleanse Travel Candle

Bedroom Bliss

Cleanse Travel Candle





By creating order, tidying and relishing in your space.

An instant productivity & mood boost

Make the space around you as enjoyable as possible.

Cleanse No. 3 Travel Candle for Bliss & Co was lovingly developed to reward your hard work. Remove the brushed gold metal lid, and light this soy wax candle when you have finished those everyday chores around your home. It's a beautiful way to finish the cleanse, and to treat yourself and your senses.

Fresh ginger, brings a delicate and sparkly scent to our travel candle. It compliments the earthy, sweetness flavours of green tea, which coupled back with zesty citrus provides a clean, sharp intoxicating scent.

Think; Streaming sunshine. Clutter free. Content.

Burns upto 25 hours.

Soy Wax

Hand poured literally 'up the road' by Willowvale Candles for our little store, Bliss & Co.

Images taken by the lovely Ainslie @ ains.lie.co

We hope you enjoy our 'pat on the back' that is Cleanse.

Leigh & Bonnie xx

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