• Boxed Silk Pillowslip
  • Boxed Silk Pillowslip
  • Boxed Silk Pillowslip


Boxed Silk Pillowslip



Introducing our pure silk pillow cases, made from the highest quality 22mm pure silk. There's nothing more comfortable than a pure silk pillow slip and once you try one you'll never want to sleep on anything else!  

Papinelle's silk pillowcase's are made from mulberry silk that not only feels soft, but is also designed to keep your skin and hair protected from damage.

  • 100% 22mm Silk
  • Will fits loose a standard pillow. Fits queen size pillow. Case size is 51cm x 76cm
  • Comes beautifully boxed for perfect gifting
  • Machine Washable. Please follow care instructions provided

100% silk

Why choose silk?

Luxurious and soft to the touch, silk is an all-natural material that’s as kind to the skin as it is to the environment, gently softening with repeated wear as it absorbs the body’s oils and heat. With a sensuous drape and a smooth, supple feel, it lends itself to styles that are beautifully, flatteringly feminine. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, meaning it’s a considered choice of fabric for those with asthma allergies or sensitive skin. A natural thermo-regulator, it helps to keep you warm or cool you down as needed, depending on the conditions. As if you couldn’t love this beautiful, natural fabric any more, silk is also recyclable and biodegradable.

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