Ok Ladies! We are now at the pointy end...! WE CAN DO IT!!

Posted on 23 January 2017


Seven  weeks of school holidays down for some of us!  Don't get us wrong....school holidays have LOTS of fun bits...no after school schedules (which means 'wine o'clock' can often start earlier), no uniform ironing, lunch box packing or home work.  It's a great time for our children to hang in their pyjamas a little longer, play with friends they don't go to school with, catch up on their reading (and xboxing), and generally enjoy some much needed down time...unstructured days for them to enjoy! BLISSFUL.   But seven weeks in...things start to become a little 'frayed'.  Well ...it does in our households as we juggle work commitments of two seven day a week stores and an Online store. And also every mum that we spoke to in our stores this week! Smiles are a little more drawn.  Children are being spoken to tersely and left out the front of our air conditioned retail havens, as mums demand they wait out the front, and then they browse uninterrupted instore.  Mums are snatching five minutes of 'down time'. We are all now officially becoming a little tense.  Kids are beginning to niggle and fight with their siblings.  Making childcare arrangements to fit in with work schedules is beginning to wear thin. The guilt of having children babysat as we all try to meet employment demands. The opposing guilt of reworking your work schedule so you have time off to spend with said children. Trying desperately to get a harmonious balance for all involved. Its tough.  But you know what?  We think the children are ready. Ready to return to their friends. Their daily structures.  Their bedtimes. Ready for the playground adventures they get to experience by themselves...and then return home and share with their brothers and sisters  and family over the evening meal. We are ready to welcome Term 1 2017 and all the excitement a fresh new school year brings.  But as the term comes to an end...we know we will be counting down the days until the school holidays begin again.  That's how we roll hehe xxx  

Yours in battle...

Bonnie and Leigh xx 

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