As one door closes....

As one door closes....


May 1st, 2018 marks the first morning in six years , that we have woken up as the owners of ONE seven day a week store and one online store, as we handed the keys back and ended our lease on Scully's & Co.  We both woke with relief.  

We would like to thank all of the girls that have worked in Scully's & Co over the six years.  They are all amazing women that have given both Scully's & Co and us their 100%.  We have been so lucky.  Also to the customers that support us month in and month out...THANK YOU.  People seem to think that we are lucky in Berry with all of our visiting tourists spending instore...and we are...but we also wouldn't of achieved six years without our AMAZING local customers supporting us weekly. Thank you for choosing our goods to gift to loved ones or to fill your home. 

Scully's Bath & Body products are still available on our website or in our remaining store Bliss & Co in Queen Street Berry.

To our many life changing events have happened in the six years we have retailed from Scully's & Co. Some devastating...and some simply beautiful.  What a journey!  Thank you for your patience, support and understanding as we 'dropped into our warehouse....packed just one more box..sourced one more product... chased up one more transport quote....and sent one more email...'!  We know we have pushed our luck many times with schedules...but we hope we met your deadlines more than not. Nobody knows what gets poured into a small business out of business hours more than a family who owns one! 

So what next?

We will simply breathe. We will enjoy encouraging Bliss & Co to further blossom with the addition of the ethically made Scully's products instore.  We welcome our Scully's girls Julie & Hilary into our Bliss & Co team and look forward to growing the business together.  Our new office space (in the old 'Fairy Shop') is coming along beautifully and allowing us the luxury of working 'on' the business more.  

With one of our husbands commuting for his career two hours daily, and the other based in New Zealand for his career, we are both primary care givers for our six 'kids', ranging from 21 to 8.  We look forward to being able to continue to meet the demands of busy, sporting kids and our beautiful Queen Street store  in a more balanced fashion. 

We are both excited about the next chapter together.  We are looking forward to performing all of our roles more efficiently and effectively as we celebrate our 20th year in business together. 

With love and calmness (hehe)

Bonnie & Leigh




As one door closes....