• Lavender Essential Oil - Organic 12ml


Lavender Essential Oil - Organic 12ml



100% Pure Certified Organic Essential Oil of Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia). Lavender has many uses in skincare or around the home. Steam distilled Lavender flowers has many benefits including purifying, astringent, repels insects and encourages restorative sleep.

Lavender Bath - Add 6-8 drops to bath water and agitate. Lie back and enjoy. Lavender Vaporisation - Add 6-8 drops of oil to water in top dish of burner. Use in bedroom or living room. Lavender Massage - Add 5 drops to 10ml of carrier oil, The oils will be absorbed quickly into the blood stream. Only use 1-2 drops for babies or the elderly. NEVER massage with UNDILUTED oils. Lavender Tissues - Great for instant relief from flu, sinusitis and anxiety. Use 1-3 drops on tissue and inhale immediately. Lavender Steam - Great for colds/flu. Add 4-6 drops to bowl of hot water. Place towel over head and breath in vapour. Keep your eyes shut. Lavender Foot Bath - Add 4-6 drops to large bowl of warm water and soak for approx 10mins. Apply Foot & Leg Cream for added benefits. Lavender Compress - Add 6-8 drops to warm water. Soak cloth, squeeze out and apply to area. Use cold water for treating injuries or sprains. Lavender for burns - After running cold water, put a few drops of Lavender oil onto burnt area (including sunburn) Will greatly assist the healing process. Cleaning - Lavender oil can be used as a natural cleaning method. Use 6-8 drops in spray bottle, use to wipe benches and other surfaces throughout the house. Use 6-8 drops in mop bucket, will clean floor and leave a fresh fragrance

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