• Fairy Door Sparkly Purple

lil' Fairy Door

Fairy Door



Special Edition Sparkly 'lil Fairy Doors, each arriving beautifully packaged including a bottle of 'lil Fairy Dust, mounting supplies and a note to the fairies to get you started.
Everyone loves a little bit of extra sparkle, fairies are no exception! Sparkly 'lil Fairy Doors are sure to attract the happiest of fairies.

Attach your special 'lil Fairy Door low on a wall, high on a shelf or in another secret place inside your home. Once your Fairy Door is attached, the fairies will know how to use it to come in and out.
They only come out at night, and are sometimes known to exchange notes and gifts with well behaved children.
Don't try and open your Fairy Door though...only the fairies can open the door and it may scare them away if the door is not treated with care.
So make sure you clean up all your toys, sleep the whole night through in your own bed and be extra specially well behaved - the fairies just might start visiting at your place too...

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